It is a highly potent and versatile modified styrene butadiene latex based liquid for high performance applications in waterproofing and repairs. it is used as a bonding agent between old & new concrete, for cementitious substrates, waterproof coating in bathrooms, balconies & roofs. it is also effective to make repair mortars& concrete inbuilding rehab works.

Packaging : 200gm, 500gm, 1 kg, 5 kg, 10 kg, 20 kg

Colour :  White

Applications :

Interior & exterior columns, beams, slabs, parapets, small roof terraces, sunken portions of toilets & bathrooms, new concrete to old concrete, Lift pits, balconies, fixing, tiles, stones & marble bedding, masonry stone work, plastering, weatherproof & frost resistant render.
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